Fagor COP-174W 26" Commercial Hood-Type Dishwasher

Sale price$5,299.00


  • Model: COP-174W
  • Length: 26"
  • New stainless steel body structure with stamped design (wash tank, rack guides, control panel), made to resist heavy usage.
  • AISI-304 Stainless steel. Independent wash & rinsing arms, tray filters.
  • Field adjustable straight-thru or corner operations.
  • Higher clearance: 17 3/8”.
  • Advance soft-lift countrebalanced system and magnetic switch for the hood.
  • IPX4 - Stronger protection against water hose cleaning and external humidity. • Multi-connection box: Conveniently located electrical box for easy access that improves maintenance and allows for single or three fase connection in the field and multitension.
  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser.
  • Built-in rinse pump.


Spec Sheet

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