Globe S13 13" Premium Manual Slicer

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Constructed of anodized aluminum with built-in control panel. 1/2 HP motor with overload protection and 13" hardened steel knife. Patent-pending indexing system with slice thickness adjustment up to 1-1/8". Top mounted removable sharpener with synthetic diamond stone wheel and plate. Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75" H, 8" dia., 11" W large products. Slicer is ETL listed. No Voltage Release and Knife Cover Interlock. Two year parts and labor slicer warranty, lifetime warranty on sharpening stones.

 Standard Features
• Patented anodized aluminum design & construction for quick and easy cleaning
• Patent-pending indexing system enables accurate and precise slice thickness adjustment up to 1-1/8"
• 13" steel knife with hardened edge provides quality slices and higher yield
• Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75" H, 8" dia., 11" W large products, like prosciutto, mortadella and bacon
• Advanced meat grip design for superior product hold
• 1/2 HP continuous use knife motor combined with the high efficiency knife drive system delivers optimum power
• No Voltage Release prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of interlock or power interruption
• Interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover in place
• Top mounted, removable sharpening system utilizes longlasting synthetic diamond surfaces and enables quick and easy sharpening and cleaning
• Kickstand to facilitate ease of cleaning

Model S13
Dimensions (inches) 36.47'' W x 29.56" D x 25.51'' H
Motor 1/2 HP
Volts 115-60-1


Spec. Sheet

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