Inoksan PDG 300NR Gyro Machine 6 Burners LP Bottom Motor

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PDG300NR is a liquid propane gyro machine with our patented Robax Glass technology. To learn more about the Robax Glass, please visit
GYROS, DONER, SHAWARMA and TACOS AL PASTOR can be cooked to perfection using this machine.
# of Burners: 6
Width: 24.8"
Depth: 31"
Height: 35.8"
Power: 46,800 BTU
Electrical: 120V/1P/60Hz/1A
Meat Capacity: 132 lbs.
Skewer Length: 21.8"
Skewer Length in Use: 16"
Gas Inlet: 1/2"
Net Weight: 105 lbs.
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