Inoksan PDG400NM-NAT Gyro Machine, Natural Gas, 8 Burners, Wire Mesh

Sale price$2,564.00


PDG400NM is a natural gas gyro machine with our Wire Mesh technology.
GYROS, DONER, SHAWARMA and TACOS AL PASTOR can be cooked to perfection using this machine.
# of Burners: 8
Width: 24.8"
Depth: 31"
Height: 39.2"
Power: 62,400 BTU
Electrical: 120V/1P/60Hz/1A
Meat Capacity: 165 lbs.
Skewer Length: 27.3"
Skewer Length in Use: 21.6"
Gas Inlet: 1/2"
Net Weight: 121 lbs.
Spec. Sheet

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